Track Your Employee Productivity in a Work From Home Culture

With more and more organizations now having to embrace remote work, the use of employee monitoring software has become a fast-growing trend. Keep reading to discover what this could mean for your business.

Track Your Employee Productivity in a Work From Home Culture

BYMatthew Brown|November 8, 2020|BLOG

With more and more organizations now having to embrace remote work, the use of employee monitoring software has become a fast-growing trend. Keep reading to discover what this could mean for your business.



When it comes to remote work, there is no playbook. Depending on your organization, you could be working full-time from home or splitting tasks between the office and home. Unfortunately, managing remote employees’ productivity has proven to be a tough nut to crack for many business owners.

But there’s a solution. As a leading IT Consulting and Services Company, Network Solutions & Technology strives to help organizations overcome this challenge. How? By leveraging monitoring tools like ActivTrak to keep track of employee productivity.

Enough talk. Here’s what you need to know.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Remote Team Monitoring?

Some may view it as intrusive micromanagement, but in reality, even a robust and dedicated team needs monitoring for various reasons. That said, as with anything else in life, placing monitoring software on your employees’ devices has its upsides and downsides too.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

What Are the Advantages of Team Monitoring? Some of the Benefits Include:

  • Distractions Are Minimized: By preventing access to social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, you can reduce the number of instances when your employees might be distracted. At the same time, you can find out how much time is wasted on such unproductive sites and take the necessary steps.
  • It’s Easy to Identify Problem Areas: Aside from tracking unproductive time, monitoring software also allows you to learn how long employees take to accomplish tasks. This information might indicate which issues remote team members have with their jobs. Perhaps someone is stuck somewhere and needs to be rescued, or they are just better suited to a completely different task.
  • You Can Quickly Detect “Bad Actors”: Remote monitoring could help you bolster your cybersecurity. In the event a team member leaks sensitive company data, you can quickly pinpoint the source of the leak with the help of your remote monitoring tool.
  • You Can Easily Stop Unauthorized Access: Employee monitoring can be useful for controlling which information particular team members are allowed to access. Whenever an unauthorized member accesses data they are not supposed to, either maliciously or accidentally, you will be notified by the monitoring software.

What Are the Cons of Employee Monitoring? These are some of the potential risks that could hurt your remote team’s productivity:

  • Employee trust could be dealt a blow.
  • Low staff morale and engagement.
  • Privacy concerns.

To iron out such issues, have a clear discussion with your team to ensure they understand the benefits of monitoring from the start.

Why Choose ActivTrak as Your Remote Monitoring Tool?

Monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and improving the productivity of your workforce is by no means easy. And with factors like different locations, job roles, and operating processes adding to the complexity, it can be a headache. To make it worse, how do you define productivity?

  • Is it the amount of time spent on calls with clients?
  • Is it completing a project in time?
  • Is it spending time on action items in meetings?
  • Is it the number of emails sent back and forth?

With all these unanswered questions, the need for a tool for tracking employee productivity becomes clear. That’s where ActivTrak comes in.

ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics application that enables business owners to gain a clearer picture of their workplace. It is a cloud-based, user-monitoring app that collects contextual activity data and insights. ActivTrak is aimed at enhancing the productivity, security, and compliance of mid-market organizations.

Unlike other monitoring software, ActivTrak is:

  • User-friendly.
  • Affordable.
  • Quick and easy to install.

What Are the Benefits of Using ActivTrak?

  • You can understand how employees use their time.
  • Productivity reports will help you find the appropriate workload balance.
  • You can identify and assess the top-performing behaviors and come up with a productivity baseline.
  • You can improve employee performance by leveraging data insights to coach them.
  • You can improve team engagement by sharing productivity data.
  • You can pinpoint inefficient processes and operational bottlenecks and take remedial actions.
  • By analyzing workload patterns, you can identify and rectify misaligned skill sets as needed.

How ActivTrak Makes Monitoring a Team Effort

With ActivTrak, employees can pull together to improve their productivity as well as that of the business. You are all dependent upon the success of the company. In the same way, the company also depends on everyone playing their part. Ensure your team understands that they also have an active role in monitoring productivity.

To learn more about how you can track team productivity using ActivTrak, watch our latest video:

You can exploit ActivTrak to make productivity monitoring a team effort by:

  • Sharing productivity trends with your team to drive engagement.
  • Recognizing the top performers or those who are modest about their achievements.
  • Finding the right workload balance for each employee to help them perform optimally.

Ready to Improve Your Remote Team’s Productivity With ActivTrak?

Our IT experts at Network Solutions and Technology (NST) are keen on helping your organization leverage ActivTrak to increase your productivity. We deliver premier IT support and services to small and medium-sized businesses in the tri-state NY area.

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