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We have partnered with Doxy.Me to provide medical practices with an inexpensive, HIPAA compliant, and simple to deploy Telemedicine solution.

Here at NST we are talking every precaution and working side by side with clients to help them stay productive. We have created a list of tips to stay productive while working remotely during this difficult time.

  • Why offer Telemedicine Solution via Doxy.me?

    • Provide your patients with a secure method for having a consultation visit with their medical provider without leaving their home. Ensure that your patients are continuing to stay engaged with you when it is physically challenging to reach your office.
    • Telemedicine has been found to be very effective in various disciplines, including mental health, family practice, sleep medicine, medication management, and consults for many other disciplines.
    • This Telemedicine solution can be implemented typically within 24 hours of when you give us the approval and requires no software to be installed for either the medical provider or the patient. Each person can utilize their smartphone, tablet, or computer (with a microphone and webcam).
    • Telemedicine is typically covered by private health insurance providers, Medicare and Medicaid, although prior approval is often necessary. Additionally, many states (including New York) have parity laws that require reimbursement at the same rates as in-person care.
    • Unlike other general video conferencing providers such as Cisco Webex or Zoom, Doxy.me is built for health care, with the necessary security controls for HIPAA compliance, and the most simple interface we’ve utilized for providers and patients.
  • Why partner with NST to get Telemedicine solution?

    • We have significant experience managing the technology of health care providers around the New York metropolitan area and have had great success working with Doxy.me to deploy the Telemedicine solution for our clients.
  • How much does the Telemedicine solution by NST cost?

    • For a single medical provider practice – It will cost $35 / month with no annual commitment.
    • For a clinic (multiple providers) – It will cost $50 per provider/month with no annual commitment.
    • NST will complete the configuration of the solution, send you your customized BAA with Doxy.me for HIPAA compliance, and provide you with training materials for a fixed fee of $500.
    • Ongoing management/support requests will go directly to Doxy.me support, however, the system is very simple and should require minimal upkeep.
  • How do we get set up?

    • You provide us with the following information:
      • The list of physicians/medical providers who will have the ability to provide the telemedicine solution.
        • We will need their full name, email address, and mobile number (if they want to receive a text message when a patient enters their virtual waiting room)
      • The name you’d like us to use to name the account (you will receive a custom address for your practice in the following format: https://practicename.doxy.me
      • A link to a logo for your practice, if it exists, so there is branding when patients access your practice
    • We will provide you a quote for the fixed fee project to implement the system.
    • We will set up the clinic, create all of the medical provider accounts, and set up the core settings in the system.
      • We will create the initial account under one of the medical providers’ email addresses and will require a credit card to input into the website.
    • Each medical provider will receive an invite link in their email, which they will click to create their account and set their password.
    • We will provide your medical providers with a 1-page guide, and they can begin providing their waiting room link to patients.
  • How do we use the product?

    • Each medical provider will have a customized link they can send to their patients for their room. This can be provided in advance of an appointment as part of scheduling or can be sent via text message immediately prior to a scheduled appointment.
    • The patients will use their phone, tablet, or computer to go to the link and click the button to allow access to their camera and microphone.
      • If requested, the medical provider can put a passcode (password) on their room to ensure only authorized patients access the room.
    • The patient will then wait in a virtual waiting room until the medical provider initiates the session with them. Here is a document as to how patients connect to their doctor, it’s incredibly easy.
    • The medical provider will use their phone, tablet, or computer to log into the doxy.me website, and click the button to allow access to their camera and microphone. They will then see a list of patients in their waiting room and can click on any patients to start a session.
    • Once in a session, the medical provider has the ability to take a screenshot, transfer files, and can mute/pause their camera and microphone at any time.
      • We recommend that the medical provider have their electronic health record (EHR) system upon another screen so they can take notes and reference previous notes.
      • The screenshot function can be utilized to take a picture of an insurance card, to then be sent to their staff for billing.
    • At the conclusion of the session, the medical provider is returned to the virtual waiting room, and the patient closes their browser to end the visit.
  • How do we get paid for telemedicine visits?

    • If you planning to bill using private health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, we recommend getting approval first to ensure there are no issues with collections. Please see for more details here.
    • If you are planning to bill directly (via Credit Card), Doxy.me offers integration with Stripe.com. Stripe will charge 30 cents plus a 2.9% transaction fee. Once this is installed, you can easily request payment at the beginning of the session with your patient within the app, and it will be deposited directly into Stripe.
      • In order to set this up, a couple of steps will need to be completed:
        • First, the practice will need to create their Stripe account and set up any banking information for the deposit of incoming funds.
        • Next, you will provide us with the login credentials for the Stripe account, and we will set it up to be used across the practice.
        • If you want to use different Stripe accounts for each medical provider, let us know so this can be set up individually.

If you’d like more information on Telemedicine solutions, please contact us and we’d be happy to answer any questions or provide a quote to implement the system.

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