Matt BrownNST Vice President

Matt has been in the IT industry for over 20 years and is one of the founding partners at Network Solutions and Technology.   After graduating from Hofstra with a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems he started immediately as a sales engineer at Derive Technologies, providing enterprise level solutions for fortune 1000 companies.  Matt helped start NST in 2000  by ensuring that the right solutions were presented to the NST client base and partnering with the leading manufacturers of IT hardware and software products. Currently, Matt leads the Sales, Business Development, Finance and Project Team at NST, ensuring each individual department is running as efficiently as possible.  Additionally, the majority of his time is spent as a VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) for many of the NST clients.  A VCIO is responsible for orchestrating a technology strategy that will ensure that they operate efficiently and meet their business goals by utilizing today’s technology.  His focus is to meet with clients at least twice a year to discuss their business in terms of budget and strategic planning, discuss any new technological developments that may benefit their organization and help streamline their processes and procedures as well as discuss data security, making sure they are well managed and keeping with industry accepted best practices.

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