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NST’s professionals always strive to improve their skills and grow a well-rounded IT knowledge base. Our leadership approach helps us solve the toughest problems and support our clients with confidence.

MSPmentor 501: 2017 Global Edition -- Worldwide Company Rankings - NST named 147 by MSPmentor for Managed Service Providers worldwide
MSPmentor 501: 2016 Global Edition -- Worldwide Company Rankings - NST named 152 by MSPmentor for Managed Service Providers worldwide
MSPmentor 501: 2015 Global Edition -- Worldwide Company Rankings - NST named 203 by MSPmentor for Managed Service Providers worldwide
2012 Those Who Make a Difference: Matthew Brown, Vice President of NST Award | June 6, 2012 Hauppauge Industrial Association, Inc., is a forum of business leaders that provides a networking platform to learn and grow from others in the industry. Honorees were celebrated at the 2012 HIA Dinner Gala to recognize “Those Who Make a Difference.”
LIBN Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business: Congratulations to Diana Santariello on being honored as a recipient of the 2016 Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business by the Long Island Business News. Launched in 2000, the awards program recognizes Long Island's top women professionals for their business acumen, mentoring, and community involvement. This year's inspiring honorees were celebrated on October 20 at a dinner and awards ceremony attended by over 600 corporate, government, and nonprofit leaders.
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Focus on Your Business – Let Us Handle Your IT

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