Can a Managed Service Provider Save You Money?

If you own a business, you will agree with me that you always look forward to realizing your target ROI or reaching your breakeven faster. But takes a lot of planning to have everything running smoothly. For a medium-growth business, the best you can do to boost growth is outsourcing your IT services. A Reliable managed service provider can be a game-changer for your business in New York or Long Island.

Can a Managed Service Provider Save You Money?

BYMatthew Brown|August 12, 2020|BLOG

You can reach out for IT support services from a reputable company to manage your in-house IT needs, streamline your services, and avoid communication hiccups.

A lot has been said about managed service providers (MSPs) –how they can help your company save money. Well, in this article, we confirm this rumor to be true. Let us look at some ways in which managed IT service providers in New York and Long Island can save your business money.

How Managed IT Services Can Mitigate Expenses of Your Businesses

1.  Reliable plans

When you opt for a managed IT service provider in New York or Long Island, you can scale down to what you want the company to help you solve. You will only pay for the services you need.

Some of these plans include taking care of your organization’s software, hardware, printers, database, servers, networks, and phone systems. You can also opt for programs that cater to system mobility, virtualization, cloud computing, and business technology application.

You can access a complete team of help desk staff and IT engineers, and this saves you money because you don’t have to look for expensive IT services elsewhere.

2.  Helps you to meet compliance

In some industries, the authorities may require you to be IT compliant before you can begin your business operations. Setting up a complete IT department in your business takes a lot of money.

As a small business, you may not have all the resources to meet IT compliance in your industry, and that is where a managed service provider comes in.

If you run a business like a bank or a hospital that needs a complete network and IT infrastructure, you can find solace in managed service providers. They will set up your IT infrastructure based on the latest guidelines and help you be IT compliant without spending a lot of money.

3.  Ensure your data privacy

Every business values its data and strives to keep customer information confidential. When malware and virus attack your system database, you risk losing money and time. Outsourcing your IT services to a managed service provider helps you to keep your systems under 24-hour surveillance. It helps prevent human errors and keep your information systems protected from hackers, malware, and viruses.

It takes a lot of money to repair your systems when malware or virus attacks it. You can always be safe by having a dedicated service provider to perform IT audits in your company and help you reduce the risk of hacking.

4. Helps with procurement

A dedicated service provider acts as your one-stop account manager when you think of anything IT. For example, if you are looking forward to replacing your phone system or upgrading your server, you can reach out to your service provider.

Trust me. You are not the best person to search for the right equipment for your IT department. Because your IT service provider understands your systems better, they can advise you on the best equipment to buy that will save you money.

You may not be aware of the right plan and equipment to buy for your organization. IT managed service providers will save you all the hassle of researching. They can come up with a complete list of all the items you need for your organization faster, thus saving you time.

5.  Minimize repairs and maintenance cost

It costs a lot of money to keep your systems running optimally. The cost of labor you need for installing the hardware and software is relatively higher.  When you opt for MSP, you can minimize the cost of maintaining and repairing your IT systems.

MSPs come with a complete team of IT engineers and experienced technicians equipped with the tools to help you manage your hardware and software systems. They will ensure the correct installation of your network systems and offer preventive maintenance to ensure that your IT system is always running smoothly.

6. Spares you Time to Focus on Your Business

As a business manager, you have a lot on your desk to take care of. You want to ensure your business is running smoothly, and the least you want is being bugged with endless IT tasks. You may not have all the time to focus on keeping your hardware systems running optimally, and that is why you need a standby MSP to help you.

When you hire MSP to take care of your IT tasks, you will have to focus on growing your business. MSPs offer round-the-clock technology support and spare you the time to focus on growing your business and serving your customers.
7.  Captain Your IT Department

As a startup business, hiring a CIO or an IT manager can be relatively expensive. You may decide to run your IT tasks on your own, but this will often result in a lot of issues in your systems, you may even risk attacks from hackers and bring your system down completely.

Working with experts in any field helps your business get the right advice to move ahead. When you hire an MSP to take care of your IT tasks, you get free access to a virtual CIO.

This will help you to manage and implement the usability of computer technologies and information in your organization effortlessly.  You also get the right IT guidance and recommendations to save your business a lot of money and time.

How to Choose Managed Service Provider in NYC and Long Island

There are many ways your business can benefit when you hire a reputable MSP to take care of your IT tasks. Here are some five factors that you should consider when you reach out to a managed service provider for your business.

1.  Expertise in your industry

When you reach out to a managed service provider, you must know how many years they have been active. You want to find out if the MSP is the most equipped and experienced to handle your IT tasks and take your business to the next level by offering you all-round IT services.

A reputable MSP has been in the industry for many years and met all the set compliance by authorities. They understand everything IT, and by bringing them on board, you are helping your business grow.

The MSP should understand your business goals and objectives and use them to come up with custom IT services to help you grow.

It should also meet the set regulatory compliance as proof of its competency in delivering the best IT services.

2. Customer reviews

What are people saying out there about the managed service provider in NYC and Long Island you are about to hire? Does it have any positive reviews from some of their previous clients? These are some of the tuff questions you must ask yourself before penning any deal with a managed service provider.

You can only count on an MSP if it has established an excellent reputation in your industry. Without this, the company is a no-go. Request some reference from the company and use it to determine if it is authentic in its service.

The best way to find out if the company is going to help you achieve your IT goals is by examining their track record with companies or businesses similar in size to yours. Find out how long the company has been around and whether they have a solid reputation. Since your business is just growing, you want to hire a company that will help you realize your goals. Ensure the company has some real positive customer reviews before you can hire them for the job.

3.  Accountability

If you are going to outsource your IT tasks and trust a third party company with your network and system performance, you must ensure they have a written level agreement.

The contract should indicate if the company will be held accountable if they fail to meet the targets you set for them, like ensuring your network performance is not compromised.

The MSP will be responsible for your IT department and performing tasks such as technology audit, VOIP solution, hardware and software setup, and many others. Therefore, you must ensure they can give you some assurance to deliver the best, and that means having a written level agreement to confirm it.

4.  Technical support

Issues with technical support are the main reason most companies will replace their current managed service provider in NYC and Long Island. Your MSP should always be there when you need them to solve some IT technicalities in your organization.

If your MSP has a reliable technical support team, you can avoid issues with downtime and slow response to security threats. You should find out the kind of technical support options the MSP offers for your business before you can hire them.

For example, does the company offer an on-time response to client requests? Does the company have a standby team that responds to after-office hour requests from their clients?

The best MSP for your business should be available round the clock to respond to your IT service requests and ensure business continuity.

5. Working relationship?

It may look like a less important factor to consider, but the truth is that you must find an MSP with a support team you can get along with comfortably. Check the company’s working culture, geographical proximity to their office, and the kind of employees they have.

You want to ensure the company’s staff can relate with your employees well in case of emergencies. Ask the MSP if you can meet with their support team.

An ideal working relationship with your MSP is to communicate personally and discuss all IT issues that you believe should be addressed to help your business grow. The company should be devoted to helping your business grow by availing a support staff that can relate easily with your in-house IT department.

Final Thoughts on Managed Service Providers in New York & Long Island

Hiring the best managed service provider can help you save much money for your business in New York and Long Island. Setting up your own IT department or hiring a CIO is expensive, especially for an upcoming company.

When you hire a managed service provider, you can save money by only choosing a specific IT service plan suitable for your business.

However, to ensure you get the right candidate to manage your IT service needs, you must consider the factors we have mentioned in this article.  Not all MSPs are the same, and before you can hire any, you must ensure they can help your business grow.

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