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Managing your medical practice and protecting your patients’ private data calls for an experienced IT partner with extensive knowledge of your specific needs. Whether you need more server space or bandwidth for high-resolution image and video files, data privacy security, managed backup and recovery assistance or access to the latest technology, NST is here to help you help others.

Our team of IT experts help you leverage the latest technology to increase your infrastructure’s efficiency, streamline processes and protect your vital data. We’ve worked extensively with the following EMR, Practice Management and PACS systems: eClinicalWorks, Intergy, ChartLogic, e-MDs, Medent, Eclipse, MedLink, MediEMR, MDLand, Greenway, MD Office, IO Practiceware, Practice Velocity and Stryker. Whether you’re a solo practitioner with one office location or a large group of practices with multiple locations, NST has the healthcare IT solutions you need to deliver better patient care.

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  • Get annual security audits
  • Stay compliant with HIPAA, MIPS, MACRA and Meaningful Use standards
  • Minimized server and network downtime
  • Enhance security against cyber threats
  • Get frequent process reports
  • Reduce IT overhead costs
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