Benefits of Microsoft 365

In today’s world, the words technology and security go hand in hand. Microsoft understands this better than anyone having the majority of their platform now located in the cloud. Every day there are new regulations that make it vital for your business data to remain protected, secure, and uncompromised.

Benefits of Microsoft 365

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Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 Business is a cloud-based solution that includes Office 365 and EM+S (formerly known as Enterprise Mobility Suite) and the Windows 10 Operating System. This integration provides you the latest Microsoft office suite software such as Outlook, Word, and Teams with enterprise grade Mobility Device Management (Intune) all powered by the latest Windows 10 operating system.

What’s included with Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 includes the latest version of its office suite; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access, Exchange, OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint. It also includes some useful Microsoft Office 365 business applications such as Outlook Customer Manager, Windows 10 operating system and device management, and additional security tools. Click Here to Compare the Microsoft 365 License Types

The security benefits of Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365, Windows 10, and the Office 365 applications are kept up to date to ensure you not only have the latest version (with access to any new feature releases) but more importantly they are continually updated with security updates. EM+S offers compliance and protection of all the Office mobile applications installed on users’ devices meaning you can manage and delete the company data stored within them across both employee and company-owned devices. This provides a solid Mobile Device Management Framework which enables comprehensive data protection across every single company device. You can also centrally manage all PC running windows 10 within your network using the easy to use admin console. In relation to windows 10, Windows Defender antivirus software and BitLocker ensure your business data remains encrypted and Windows Hello replaces your password with state-of-the-art facial recognition or your fingerprint for added protection using two-factor authentications.

The business benefits of Microsoft 365

1. User Benefits – Users will have access to the latest office suite all the time across all devices. The security features with EM+S are discreet from a user’s point of view, especially those using their personal devices, and not intrusive. 2. Management Benefits – With Microsoft 365, you can manage both Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility +_ Security (EM+S) users’ settings and preferences from a single pane of glass, a central management portal. This portal can be accessed from anywhere on any device making management simpler. 3. Business Benefits – Microsoft 365 provides organizations assurance that employees are using the software efficiently and are protected. Microsoft has achieved ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and DFS Compliance measures.

Microsoft EM+S on personal devices

More companies are adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy where employees are utilizing their personal devices to access company information. Microsoft EM+S enables companies to manage company data stored on personal devices so that if there is an employee or organization change the data can be removed without the personal data being affected. Additionally, you can ensure that for the device to access company data, certain security policies (such as device passwords) are implemented prior to the device being allowed access. In summary, security is no longer an option it is a business requirement and should be added to all operating budgets. Microsoft has helped in providing a security platform that organizations can trust and utilize.

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